How to Pray Series
Know Who You are Praying To!
Part 1
     We don't pray to a god who doesn't hear us or doesn't care. God knew us before we were born and He cares about spending time with us. He invites us to spend time and fellowship with Him!

Relax, Prayer is Not a Performance
Part 2

     Prayer is not a performance. God cares about our hearts not our words. Prayer is talking to your Heavenly Father. We don't have to worry about the 'presentation' of our prayers. Draw closer to God and pour your heart out to him because he cares for us. 

Humility in Prayer
Part 3

     Having a humble heart is an important element of prayer. Prayer is our time to come honestly to God with a repentant heart. Let's learn to cast aside our prideful heart and embrace a humble and repentant heart that God longs for us to have. 

Prayers of Thanksgiving
Part 4

      There is real power in praising and thanking God. When we begin our prayer time with thanksgiving we focus our attention on all the many ways He has provided for us. That is when we are reminded that God is in control and more than capable of taking care of us. There is power in a thankful surrender to God... His power!​

Praying for Government Officials
Part 5

 We need to be mindful of praying for our government and for our Christian brothers and sisters. We were never intended to focus on ourselves only. Pray for our land, pray for our nation, pray for each other.​

Prayers of Intercession
Part 6

Intercession is more than feeling sorry for another. It stems from compassion and love that leads us to petition our all-powerful God to move in the life of someone else. ​

When Mother's Pray
Part 7

How can we handle the responsibilities of parenthood? PRAYER! Let us never forget to lift our children up in prayer as we model a life of prayer for our children to follow. ​

Hindrances to Prayer
Part 8

There are things that hinder our prayers. Join with Anika as she discusses just some of the reasons why our prayers may not be effective. Some of these issues are: a lack of faith, disobedience, and unforgiveness.​

Miscarriages and Hair Loss, Not the Answer I Wanted to Prayer
Part 9

God knows exactly what He is doing even when we don't. Sometimes the answer to our prayers in 'No'. We need to learn how to pray and trust the Lord when we don't understand the purpose for our pain. ​