2018! A New Perspective!
Happy New Year! I hope this video offers you encouragement and a new way of thinking about things as you start your year! (Or whenever you watch it!) In it I share two key thoughts of how to do things differently this year! I love making resolutions and working towards goals... but recently God has reminded me that my way (which is the often the fastest way) to reach a goal isn't always best. That can be hard to swallow, for sure! But, the truth is HIS WAYS are always the best for me. They aren't always comfortable or efficient, but they are the best. I wonder what it would look like for you to simply start a conversation with Him about seeing the goals you are working towards from His perspective. Perhaps ask Him to open your eyes to any place you are trying to use discipline, control, and sheer grit to reach a goal on your own time table instead of following His lead. Ask Him to help you accept His ways even if they differ from yours. Recently, I have also been reminded of the amazing power in being exposed to different perspectives. I am so blessed by friends, speakers, and pastors who don't think like I do! It's human nature to surround ourselves with people who support our thoughts and ways of doing things. However, there is an amazing amount of growth and development when we open our lives up to engage with new thoughts. Take a listen and consider how you might benefit from engaging with friends, books, podcasts, etc. that are slightly outside your norm! Then, let me know how it goes!

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