Weekly Inspirations
Lesson 1

The Universal Need
A brief talk about journaling while reading scripture and then the start of a new lesson series on forgiveness. We should continue to study forgiveness and continue to have it on our minds because we need it every day of our lives. It should be what defines our story and what motivates our actions.

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Lesson 2

Forgiveness Changes Everything!
When we are forgiven, God sets us on a path to something far better than we could ever achieve without it. We are not meant to stay the same. The old familiar sins need to a thing of the past. The old familiar pain and hurt melts away in light of the cross. When we accept the wonderful forgiveness offered on the cross of Calvary, we leave behind all of our past and change directions towards a beautiful future. 
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Lesson 3

Forgiveness Means Loving - Not Condemning!
When we judge others, we are placing ourselves higher than God and walking without love. God's forgiveness is complete and we need to copy this in our lives. 
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Lesson 4

Forgiveness Needs to Be Shared!
We can't keep forgiveness to ourselves. God actually commands us to offer forgiveness to the people who have hurt us. Join me as we explore how this leads to our own freedom as much as it shows love to the person receiving it.

Printable Bible Study Worksheets