Obedience Series
Obey God Even if You Are the Only One!
Part 1
Taking encouragement from Noah. We don't have to have a crowd that supports our faith. God calls us to be obedient even if that means we stand alone. 
Consequences for Disobedience
Part 2
We may not like it, but there are consequences for disobedience. God disciplines us because He loves us and wants something better for us. We have a responsibility to obey God's word. Mercy covers our sins, but discipline keeps us from repeating them. 
Obey the Specific Instructions of God
Part 3
God wants us to obey Him competely, in every aspect of our lives. How often do we struggle because we pick and choose which of God's commands to obey. He doesn't ask us to obey Him most of the time... He says obey all the time. 
My Obedience Affects Others
Part 4
Our actions, our faith or our rejections of God's commands, affect the people around us, especially our children. 
Don't Let Time Stop You From Obeying God
Part 5
  God's ways are so much better than ours, and so is His timing. Can we be obedient when what God is calling us to do takes a long time?