From Sarai to Sarah: A Journey of Faith
Lesson 1
Sarah's Journey Begins
A Life Marked By Sorrow

            Sarah teaches us that faith is a gift. It has nothing to do with our abilities or inabilities. It has everything to do with power of God. The life of Sarah reminds us that ultimately God is in control. And, our faith – that essential gift from God – depends less on our performance and entirely on the power of our All-powerful God.

Lesson 2
Sarah Doubted
Faith Destroys Doubt and Sets Us Free

            Sarah doubted that God would do what He had promised. Then she doubted that she would be able to do what God said she could. All of us face moments of doubt. Through the life of Sarah, we learn that God is not limited by our limitations. We may be tempted to try to manipulate circumstances, but God is more than capable of doing what He has said.  In this lesson we will look at how doubt poisons our happiness and steals our peace. We will look at Sarah and see ourselves and our own weaknesses. But, we will also see how God uses the broken, the fearful, and the doubters to prove His power.

Lesson 3
Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Hope

We Need God in Good Times and Bad!

            Sarah’s story is one of great encouragement. We see that she goes back and forth between faith and doubt, strength and weakness, but so do we.  When you look at her life, from beginning to end, we see a very strong woman who had a lot of wonderful qualities and also some pretty major flaws. Despite all of this, the Bible records her as one of the greats of our faith (Hebrews 11:11) and an example to Christian women (1 Peter 3:6). If God can use Sarah, don’t you think He can use me and you?