Weekly Inspirations
Spiritual Gardening
Lesson 1

Good Soil
     We can never expect to be all that God has designed us to be if we are not planted into the right soil. God is the only foundation, not self, or sucess, or money, or fear. Reading scripture and praying are how we connect to the author of our lives. Let this video lesson encourage you to connect to the one who gives life to our souls. 
Lesson 2

Blooming Where We are Planted
     We may not think that our lives are important, but God placed us where we are on purpose. We are designed and purposed by God's design. As we learn to operate in our gifts and abilities, we will understand how each of us are important. 
Lesson 3

Picking the Weeds
    There are things that grow in our lives that keep our faith from reaching its full potential. Some of the weeds that try to strangle our peace and faith are doubt, temptations, and even the company we keep. We need to be on guard against the things that are stumbling blocks for us so we can resist them and "pick those weeds" when they are still small. 
Lesson 4

Bearing Good Fruit
  Our lives are meant to produce a harvest of righteousness. We aren't meant to just exist; we are meant to be productive. The quality of the fruit that our lives produce show the quality of our faith and our connection with God. Join me as we discuss how to live a life that brings God glory with our actions.