Who Does God Say We Are? 
Lesson 1​
We Are Rescued, Forgiven, Redeemed, and Reconciled
         Throughout our lives, we will be given labels to wear. Not all of these labels are good. Not all of these labels are true, and yet we bear the shame of the opinions of others and the lies of the Devil. In this series, we will search God's Word to discover who He says we are. We will learn to see ourselves, not by the stigma of who and what we were before God washed us clean with the blood of Jesus Christ, but as the redeemed and forgiven child of God.
Lesson 2
We Are Free, We are Saved, and We are Alive!
     We were once condemned and bound up in all the sin and hurts of our lives, but God changed all that! When Jesus came and died for our sins we were set free and saved from an eternity of separation from God. His sacrifice gave us new life. Not only are we destined for eternal life in heaven, but God cares about our life here on this earth as well. Join me as we learn to see ourselves from God's perspective!
Lesson 3
We Are Chosen, Bought, and Known
    Learning to view ourselves from God's perspective will show us just how loved we are. God knows us intimately and chose us to be His before we were ever born. 
Lesson 4
We Are Justified and Accepted
Even though our sins stain our lives, God loves us and provides a way for our justification (to be made "Just-As-If-We-Never-Sinned) and our acceptance into God's family. ​
Lesson 5
We Are Loved!
Let the fact that God loves us become more than just head knowledge. Let's allow that knowledge to touch and transform our hearts. The God of the universe LOVES us... even though we are not perfect.... even though we fail so many times... though we often forget it. ​
Lesson 6
We Are God's Masterpiece!
We are God's beautiful masterpiece! Don't let the world convince you that you are a weed when God says you are a flower!​
Lesson 7
We Are Made to Worship!
We are made to worship. Worship keeps our eyes on God and not our problems. When we focus on praising God and being thankful for all his many blessings, we become more aware of how He provides for our needs​.
Lesson 8
We Are Made on Purpose!
God designed us and placed us on purpose. Before we were born, He was busy setting everything in place so that we would become who He says we can be and so that we could accomplish all the things that He says we can do. Our gifts, talents, struggles and location are all part of God's plan. So let's learn to embrace every part of who God says we are. ​