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Sequel to award winning Grasping Destiny

Gabriella Moretti finds herself arrested, thrown in the dungeon and ultimately sold into slavery, all to pay for a crime she didn't commit. Her courage may just win her freedom, but will it be too late for her to understand that freedom comes not from the release of shackles, but with forgiveness?

​Evan Blythe reunites with Jabir and Johanna in a daring attempt to free his sister and set mistakes of the past right. However, none of them expect the far reaching ripples of their actions will forever change the course of their lives. 
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Grasping Destiny

        Marcus, raised to be the next king of Morovia, finds his world falling apart at the twist of fate. As he struggles to survive, he must learn to trust God and walk by faith. This epic tale features daring sword fights, manipulative plots, intrigue, love and forgiveness. As Marcus and his friends journey to grasp their destiny, they must learn to let go of the pain of their pasts. Can they find the blessings in the chaos and learn to trust God when everything falls apart? Will Marcus be able to regain the throne stolen from him? Most importantly, can he find peace even when God's plan appears very different from his own?

From back cover:

     The schemes of fate care not for the lives of men. Of this, Marcus will soon become very aware. Every day of his young life has been spent in the preparation for one thing – becoming the next king of Morovia Unfortunately, Marcus has no idea that fate is about to turn his entire world upside down.
     As swords clash and devious plans destroy the lives of those he loves, Marcus must learn to walk by faith in the darkness of uncertainty. Can he hold on and trust God’s plan, or will he try to grasp the destiny he desires at the cost of his faith?

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          Keegan Harkins is an award winning author who has been writing for the Lord and teaching the beautiful truth from His Word for almost two decades. Recently, Keegan broke into the Christian fiction world with her thrilling new book, Grasping Destiny. Her many Bible studies as well as her fiction novel can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. 

          Keegan was born in Southern California, the daughter of a Navy veteran. Her childhood as a Navy brat developed in her a love for people from all walks of life. It also exposed her to the beauty of the many cultures of the world. This love of diversity spills into her writing, encouraging her to create vivid characters with rich cultural heritages.

        She and her family live in beautiful, rural Montana, but find any opportunity to travel. Her writing portrays her view of the courageousness of the human spirit and unending reach of God’s love. She uses the natural wonder of the varying landscape of Montana, as well as the many people she has met from around the world, to bring her work to life. When she isn’t writing, Keegan enjoys camping and hiking as well as curling up with a good book in front of the fire.  

Future Events: 

​​Coming up in 2019: 

Eastern Montana Bible Camp
Women's Fall Retreat
September 12-15th

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Keegan would love to talk with you about speaking at your event or having a book signing in your area!

email: [email protected]
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/KeeganHarkinsauthor

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